The Impact of LoveWay, Inc. Programs
for Therapeutic Horseback Riding


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Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Enhancing the lives of individuals with special needs through therapeutic equestrain services...

Improving the Quality of Life

Through therapeutic horseback riding our students not only learn the basics of horsemanship but also gain skills that improve their daily lives. ....

Responsibility,Value and Purpose in Life

With a small staff, volunteers are vital in making our program a success and ensuring our riders get the attention and care they need. ....

Confidence is Instilled as Relationships are Formed

The experience stimulates independency, by using the horse's legs as the rider's own, and freedom that otherwise would be impossible. Miracles happen in our arena everyday in many forms: a smile, a word spoken, a step taken. ....

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Therapeutic Horseback Riding
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  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Aimee Miller</font> Aimee Miller Aimee Miller Volunteer Coordinator

    On Staff Since: August 29, 2006 Hometown: Milford, IN

    Aimee received her Bachelor's degree in Public Affairs/ Management from Indiana University. After she graduated, she met the love of her life, Kenny at a nearby restaurant! They have been happily married since October of 2009. They enjoy traveling to fun, new places and spending time with their large (and continually growing) extended family. Aimee also values time with friends and catching up on their busy lives! She pours her life and energy into LoveWay and is a key ingredient to our success!
  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Daryl Abbott</font> Daryl Abbott Executive Director

    On Staff Since: January 1, 2010

    Hometown: White Pigeon, MI Daryl has been married to his lovely wife, Sue, since1970. They both love spending time with their 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild, but now that all the kids are out of the house, Daryl and Sue keep company with their dog, Muffie, and their cat, Abby. Daryl is active in his church and community, and he feels truly blessed to be serving at LoveWay. After 32 years at CAPS (Child and Parent Services), Daryl is retired and is now using his gifts as a leader to help LoveWay grow and thrive.
  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Angie "Buttons" Miranda</font> Angie "Buttons" Miranda Bookkeeper

    On Staff Since: February 8, 2010

    Hometown: Goshen, IN Angie lives in the Goshen area on a dirt road where she loves swimming and roasting marshmallows around bon fires with her husband, Martin, and 3 sons, Tony , Dominic and Vincent . All 3 boys play football, basketball, and baseball, so Angie loves attending their sports events and loudly cheering them on! Martin works for All American Group and teaches Spanish at Ivy Tech; so naturally, things stay lively and spicy at the Miranda household. Plus, Angie is never without her unique laugh and contagious smile!
  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Chris Stice</font> Chris Stice PATH Registered Instructor

    On Staff Since: February 1, 2006

    Hometown: Billings, MT Chris grew up on a ranch in Montana, she fell in love with horses and learned to ride. Her love for therapeutic riding was inspired by her sister, who had MS, spending half of her life in a wheelchair. Chris and her daughter started in 2005 volunteering at LoveWay. The students, horses, and volunteers helped Chris after the loss of her husband, and continue to give her purpose. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, Ariel, and her son, Tristan, and visiting her family in Montana. Chris is loved by all of her students and their parents/ teachers!
  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Maggie Korenstra</font> Maggie Korenstra Program Manager/PATH Registered Instructor

    On Staff Since: September 1, 2010

    Hometown: Middlebury, IN Maggie has worked with horses since she received her first pony at 6 years old, and was involved with the Elkhart County Saddle Club for 10 years showing and working with the kids. Maggie currently owns 2 horses, Indy and Cody. She enjoys working with Cody and hopes to get back in the show ring soon! Maggie started at LoveWay as a volunteer with an interest in combining her love of horses and working with people with special needs. Maggie was certified in April 2011 and soon took on the Equine Manager position. She is excited to be working as LoveWay’s Program Manager.
  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Tim Krecsmar</font> Tim Krecsmar PATH Registered Instructor

    On Staff Since: 1993 Hometown: Elkhart, IN

    Interests: Tim is the longest-standing staff member by far, having worked at LoveWay since 1993! His passion for kids extends far beyond the riding arena though! He also teaches Special Education at the Concord Junior High School and he lives with his wife Meg and children Kerecsen, Jackson, and Kessa. Tim not only brings life and color to the world through therapeutic riding, but also through the art of stained glass and gardening.
  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Juanita</font> Juanita Equine Manager/PATH Registered Instructor

    On staff since: August 4, 2011 Hometown: Arthur, IL

    Juanita grew up in Illinois and moved to the Middlebury area in 2008. Horses have always been a part of her life-trail riding, driving & showing. She currently owns one horse named Tucker. God, family, and friends are her everyday life. She is always up to try something new! Working with children with special needs has brought much joy to her life and she enjoys working and learning from her co-workers!
  • <font color="#FFFFFF">Shelly Becker</font> Shelly Becker Instructor-in-Training

    On staff since: April 2012 Hometown: Elkhart, IN

    Shelley lives with her husband of 10 years and her 2 kids. She is very involved in her church, on the board of Concord Little League, and also coaches for Upward Basketball. She is a huge animal lover and dreamed of becoming a vet when she was younger. She has lots of animals at her house including horses, goats, dogs, cats, fish, and a turtle. Shelley has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with previous experience in sales. She’s thrilled to work with staff, students, and volunteers at LoveWay and is very excited to become an instructor!






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